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Personal Weather Stations

Sign up for notifications

If you are interested in receiving notifications from our personal weather station click notificationsfor more information


If you would like to receive email notifications from our personal weather station just send an email to info@weather-station.co.uk with your name and email address and we will add you.

Notifications are sent based on the following thresholds and are sent every hour should the threshold settings be reached

Weather Condition Threshold
Outside temperature< 0 or > 30 C  (< 32.0 or > 86.0 F) 
Daily rainfall> 25 mm
Ultraviolet Index (UVI)> 7 UVI

About Us

Noble Drive weather station is our primary station, you can view our dashboard for up to the minute readings.

We are located in Cawston, Rugby.






Email: info@weather-station.co.uk